Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gardening is for Everyone

Well, today I did a bunch of seed sprouting pots.  I’m looking forward to how this is going to grow and work for me this year. I am looking forward to canning, dehydrating and freezing stuff this year. I need to get a new fridge and freezer for us to use though.

Why is it important to have a garden? Why should everyone garden? How can someone in the city have a garden? How can someone in an apartment have a viable garden?

Gardening is very easy to do and it can be done in a small apartment. You don’t need a patio or a porch even. However, those are helpful.

Gardening is what gives us food, and the more we grow, the less we have to buy. I prefer fresh vegetables over canned and frozen any day. When I grow my own fruits, vegetables and herbs, I know that they are a non GMO and that they are safe for my family to eat. I buy the non GMO seeds for my garden. That’s all I use now. And I can guarantee that when the produce comes in from your garden, you will enjoy it far more because it will taste better and you will appreciate it more. It’s been grown with your heard work and love.

Rain gutters that you can hang from a porch roof. These are great for greens and lettuces. This is going to be inexpensive and easy to make and use. I love this idea for a porch and it can also be set up as a curtain from the sun and heat on a porch. Talk about a wonderful way to keep your porch or balcony in an apartment setting cooler. So nice, and it’s all edible. Just clip it and eat. Yummy way to grow greens and have fresh greens all through the season.

For people who drink a lot of juices, this is a wonderful way to grow your vegetables. This is again, a great use of something that you’re already using and giving it a second life. I love this idea because it leaves less garbage and it will, eventually, biodegrade into the soil. And with some of it, you will want to put it either into the ground or into a bigger container, such as beets and other root vegetables.
The picture below shows again, a juice or water container and it’s got strawberries in it. What a wonderful idea, because you want to have your strawberries hanging if you can. They tend to grow wonderfully that way. You just have to make sure that there are holes in it so that the excess water drains out and the plants don’t die from root rot.

If you can grow something and have it hanging, then it will take up less space that way as well. I have seen some amazing gardens that people have done by hanging buckets, containers and even PVC piping. Talk about wonderful ideas. I will save a picture of a garden fast and look at it and do my best to dissect it to see what I can do to make it happen. Then I will begin pricing things and see what it’s going to take to get what I need to even start that garden with those items.

Here is another idea of a wall garden. This one is all herbs. I completely love this because I love my herbs. This is what I would call a simple kitchen herb garden. Something that I’m goin to be using all the time and cutting from. Now if I’m doing herbs to dry, then I will want a bigger garden outside either in a raised bed or in larger containers so that I can harvest my herbs for drying during the entire growing season.

Egg shells for starting your seeds. This is an awesome idea and one that I’m using this year. I am using several methods for this, but this is an awesome way to use old egg shells. You are also getting the benefit of the eggs and what is left. I don’t wash mine out. Extra food for my seeds to grow with.

Below we have more rain gutters, only this time they are placed on a wall of a shed, or a garage. Letting the rain effectively water it. Also makes it easy for you to water. Make sure you place them as shown so that you water the top one and it drains down into the lower ones as it goes. Wonderful and easy. Again this is for greens, lettuces and such. Something with very small root systems and light weight.

This is in the Philippines I believe, anyway, this is a garden made up of recycled containers all the way. And if you notice, she’s harvesting out a squash or something of the like. What an awesome idea they had. It’s compact and easy to access. 

With this garden above, they made this and its made of simple wood construction. So that when they are harvesting everything is fairly easy to get into and pull out as they need it. Against the wall behind her, she’s used rice bags I believe, but burlap and potato bags will work as well. You can grow potatoes, carrots and other root vegetables in them. Just remember that you are going to need to worry about frosting and cooler weather with those.

Now this is a simple and wonderful idea for growing things. Talk about inexpensive, wow; it’s a potato or rice bag. Usually made of burlap, you can easily grow roots in this as I mentioned earlier. And with it on those platforms with wheels, easy to move if it’s on a patio. Great idea. This one is growing herbs. Lots of them too.

This is an actual potato grow bag. What I like about these things and being able to grow things above ground is for people who are unable to own their own home and have to move at any time. I know that it can be difficult to have to move suddenly. Let’s say that your landlord decides he wants to sell the place your living and you can’t stay. What to do with that garden you planted a couple of months ago? Leave it? In most cases, yes, that is exactly what you would have to do. Whereas, if you have planted in pots and above ground, then you can move it with you. Now understand, if you do that, your plants will go into shock, so you will have to give them some serious tender loving care once you’re in your new home.
Plants, like humans, love stability. They don’t want to move unless they have to. Unlike humans, the plants can die from such a move. So you have to remember to be very careful with them.

This is a picture of people growing their own rice in containers. You could grow rice, barley, wheat, any kind of grain actually. However, you must realize that it won’t be much at one time. But it could help. But it’s a great idea as well.

I find that having a garden allows me to have so much fun and it relieves my stress levels greatly. When you have your hands in the soil and are sitting there working with plants, you will feel so much better, just from this alone. Not to mention being outside in the sunlight, and fresh air. Always nice to have that option. Now remember not everyone can have space for this. So let’s say you live in an apartment and you have a small balcony, I have a solution for you too. I loved this when I saw this idea. Great idea and easy.

Talk about unique. They have their dog house sitting there and they put a garden on top of it. Wonderful way to grow your greens. They just made the dog house completely, I think and built this water proof top and put on it three bags of potting soil, cut holes in it and planted right there. Wow, easy and simple. No mess, no pots, just the plants. And it’s off the ground and easy to get to. Also the dog can’t get to the plants. We certainly don’t want the dog to do anything in our plants that we would not like. But seriously, this is a unique and clever idea for a really small space where you can’t have potted plants.

I think that if we all could garden and grow as much of our own produce as possible, it would make us healthier and be cheaper on us in the long run. Furthermore, if you can’t grow it, then go and find a local farmers market and see what they offer. Growing Tomatoes, Greens, Herbs and Peppers is easy and simple. All of which can be grown in pots. Growing even just that little bit will help you.

I hope that these ideas are helpful to you and you can do something with them.
Happy Gardening!!

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