Thursday, May 24, 2012

The new direction of this Blog

I have decided to change my blog to some new things. Some things that are very important to me. I want to share with everyone my own journey, and help them if I can. I will be discussing weightloss, cooking, eating, exercise, gardening and the importance of drinking water. I will be discussing diabetes, hypogylcemia and hyperglycemia. These are all things that are important to a healthy life. What most people dont know or understand is that these are all things that work together and need to be thought of as such.

If you struggle, with weight loss, cooking and eating right, this should help you out.

I am a professional cook. I spent many years doing just that. I learned from several people. My mother, grandfather, grandmother, several professional chef's over the years. I have sought out new ways of cooking my favorite stuff.

I have found that if you can make your food from scratch its better for you. And it is easier than one thinks to do this. We make our own pizza and we save a ton of money. I make all my own soup stocks. I prefer to grow everything, as permitted. When that is not an option, I go to the farmers market. When I go there, I am guaranteed to get fresh, local produce. I buy my honey from them as well. Local eggs are awesome. The idea that I can get local eggs as opposed to eggs being brought in from far away, is wonderful. The taste is different and so much better.

I want to help you explore new foods, new ways of preparing them and new ways of eating. Life is so much brighter when you can eat fresh made food. And its easier than you think. Eating healthy and making it from scratch rather than making it from a box or from the freezer is going to take you less time than you think.

I will give you information on how to maintain your health, and how to cook for your life and if you have health issues that you want to have addressed with diet, let me know and I will post about it. I will also be doing my best to sending you to the right sources for your gardening needs as well. I find it interesting that people believe that its harder to garden and cook right than it actually is.

I hope you enjoy this blog and I would love to hear you feedback.

Thanks so much,


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Year

Since I dont make New Years Resolutions, and I never have, I decided to do something different. I am going to make a list of things I want to do and accomplish this year.

1. Lose 100 lb, (I've already lost around 150 lb+ up to this point)
2. Move into my own place
3. Crochet more
4. Read 5 books for pleasure
5. Read 10 books for personal and spiritual growth
6. Create a small business of my own, create the menu and get it running.
7. Research and learn recipes that are from my families heritage.
8. Write a cookbook.
9. Get better organized.
10. Do some things that are totally outside my comfort zone.
11. Blog more this year

I want to stretch and grow and progress without fear. I want to live my life for myself and do for ME. I always do things for others, its time to do things for me. Its always wonderful to pay it forward, but you have to remember to take care of yourself too.