Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some Awesome Projects for me

I am researching the foods at ball parks, football stadiums and basketball arenas around the USA. Its been a lot of fun and I have found alot of unique items, and alot of trivia as to where and when certain foods were first introduced to these venus. Once I'm done with this research, then I'll be putting together a menu for a sports bar. A friend of mine wants to open one at some point; so I'm doing up a menu for him. And if I'm lucky, when that time comes, I might have the money to invest in it myself. It would be fun for me.

Another project I'm working on is a healthy cookbook, with recipes for foods that I eat on a regular basis. This project is dear to my heart due to the fact that I am losing weight and its been greatly helpful in those goals I've set forth. I have been working on the foods I love to eat, and how to make them healthier for you rather than eating the good old fashioned comfort foods of old all the time.

Another project that I'm working on is the family history cookbook, that I have and need to get done. That project is a true labor of love. When that project is done, I will be giving that to the family. Its being done for my children, siblings, nieces and nephews. Its a dedication to my parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Some recipes from the family and also alot of stories about everyone. This project is taking me a little longer, but it will be well worth it when its done.

Another project I'm working on is a series of menus for various festivals and fairs around my local area. I am also designing a catering trailer and truck that I want to use eventually and have that be my main source of income. I know what I am capable of and what I can do, so this project is the future and its what I will enjoy the most I think of what I want to do. It gets me back into a kitchen creating the things I love the most. My own foods.

This is what passion is and what makes me happiest in life. Working with foods and creating great things for awesome menus and doing something fun in the process.