Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Turkey Noodle Soup

Home made noodles, so easy and so much fun to make. Only took me about 20 minutes to make them.
The soup itself just awaiting the noodles to be added to it.

Now the finished product. I love to make soups no matter what time of year it is. This time it was something I decided was going to be a good idea since I am working so much and I can make a good sized amount of it.
So lets start with the beginning of it. I started with the basic turkey soup stock. So easy and really doesnt take that much time to make on your part.
Soup stocks are easy and much better than what you buy in the grocery store. I prefer to make my own from any kind of meat I make.
First you take the carcass of the turkey after you have taken the meat off it. Just place it into a large stock pot with all the skins, drippings and fat from the bird your using.
Add water to cover the bird by at least 3-4 inches.
Add the seasonings you want. I added sage and oregano for this stock.
Turn high heat, and bring it to a boil. Allow to boil for about 10 minutes then turn it down and let it simmer on low over night. Making sure you never loose any liquid. Use a tight fitting lid on your stock pot.
In the morning, take it off the heat and strain it into a large bowl or another stock pot. Remove all the bones, meat and skins. toss those out.
Seperate your stock now, you will have a very large amount, freeze half of it AFTER you allow it to cool completely. For a quick cool place it into small shallow containers in the fridge until cooled then freeze it
Place the remainder of the stock you have left out into the stock pot again. Add to this your turkey, celery, onions, carrots, and garlic. season to taste at this point, remembering that you have got all the seasonings from the turkey as it cooked, its drippings, skins and the herbs you put in the stock pot while making the stock itself. Remember to taste the soup as you go. That way its not going to be too salty or not salty enough.
Allow that to simmer for a couple of hours, if you have any left over vegies, drain and add them to the soup at this point.
Making the noodles is next.
Noodles are basic and easy to make. The recipe is simple for the noodles I made.
1 cup flour
1 egg
1 pinch of salt
Now for the noodles I made, I doubled the recipe. I did add water by the tablespoons until I had a workable dough. Very simple and easy. Then I simply used a rolling pin and rolled it out nice and thin. I cut the dough ball into quarters and worked with a small amount of dough at a time. Much easier if you have never done it as well.
Roll out the pasta until its as thin as you can get it or as thin as you want it. Then take a pizza cutter or a sharp knife and begin to cut thin strips. Then cut those thin strips into either half or 1/3s to make the size of noodles you want. Remember that they will get bigger and not be as thin as you think they are.
Once the noodles are done then slowly add them to the soup, but bring the soup back up to a slow rolling boil so that the noodles will be able to cook quickly.
This soup is nice on any day or evening.
The pan I used for it was a large sauce pan and I still had to take some out because it all wouldnt fit in. This recipe that I 've made will easily feed a family of 6.
Enjoy and never forget the passion of food

Monday, August 22, 2011

Soups are awesome

Well, tonight we had turkey so I took the carcass and I am making a soup stock. tomorrow I will be making a turkey noodle soup. I cant wait. This is the kind of thing that is so great and so easy to make. Most people dont undersand just how simple it is to do a soup stock from scratch.
I will post up pictures of it tomorrow and a full recipe. So for now, I'm just tantalizing you with what I'm doing.