Friday, January 7, 2011

Food is our Friend not our Enemy

LOL wow what a title huh? caught ya.

Ok well even that being said, its a true statement. Food is our friend if WE choose to use it properly.

Food as our friend.

Wow this is so huge its not funny. Food is our friend, IF we allow it to be. Eating food as fresh as possible is essential to this. Eating vegetables that are canned is not what I call healthy. Eating them fresh or even flash frozen is better. I prefer to eat my vegetables, based on what is seasonal. They are much better for you. If you go to a farmers market your going to find what is out at that time. Fruits and Vegetables, need to be eaten in a seasonal fashion. I know that I'm not going to eat Pumpkins in the spring time. They dont ripen then. They are an autumn and winter food. You can keep them in a root cellar, or basement, or just at a lower temperature without freezing them, and they will keep for a long time. When your squashes and tubers begin to go bad, thats when you set them aside as 'seed' for the planting in the spring time. Always a good idea to keep things like that and use them to grow, if you have the ability to do such.

If your not sure what fruits and vegetables are seasonal, get a farmers almanac, go to gardening sites, look up what it is that you should be growing and when they harvest. You also want to know how many harvests they will have and for how long. Eating in this fashion is much better for you and much healthier too.

Meats were traditionally eaten in the fall and winter. The way things were done in the days of old were really simple. They raised their herds all year and they would butcher when they needed fresh meat. But when winter was setting in, they would do a harvest festival and have huge feasts. The animals would be culled down to how many could be kept in the barn/house. The meat would be preserved in what ever fashion they used at that time, and the rest of the animals would be kept for rest of winter. Slowly, through the winter, as food was becoming more and more scarce for them, they would kill an animal and eat it over the winter. Eventually leaving them with only maybe 2 or 4 animals to replenish their herds over the next year.

Food is meant to be eaten seasonally for the best response from your body and for your health.

Now the beauty of growing your own foods, is that you can preserve it use it all year. Make no mistake though, our ancient ancestors did they same thing. They preserved their food as well for winter and had a great supply, the only reason the animals were butchered in the winter was that their food was running out and the animals food was running out. But preservation in the winter is not what they did. They ate meat primarily in the winter time and all of their other preserved foods as well.

Food that is bad for you. Well, for some this is a no brainer, but others tend to not understand it as easily, due to their own upbringings.

Fried foods, fatty foods, breads-white bread imparticular is bad for you.

You have to remember that these foods turn to sugar in your body and produce BAD fat cells. Once you gain a fat cell, you cannot, I repeat, You CANNOT LOSE that fat cell. It will be with you for the rest of your life. The only thing you can do is reduce it by flushing your system of all the toxins that are in it.

It is important to note, that if a product tells you that it can get rid of a fat cell, it is a lie. Please, please, do not listen. Make sure that your learning about the truth of these things. You need to know how the body works and what can really be done for you

Losing weight comes from diet and exercise. If a product tells you that you can lose the weight without exercise, its a scam for your money. Most people, need both, diet and exercise, some dont. But the vast majority of people do need it and its a good thing to do and get into the habit of doing. For your own health. For your heart, for your life.

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